Facade signage

Out-of-home advertising fundamentally came into our life long time ago. Every day people come across with some sort of advertising even without paying attention to that. And it concerns not only city lights, billboards or trolls. Facade signage is just one more type of outdoor advertising.

Facade sign is not a mere text with the name of the establishment; this is a part of corporate culture of the company. It consists of the elements of brand name style, shaping the impression about the company and quite often being the key element to success.

Facade signs made with high quality blends in perfectly with the exterior of the building facade, catching the eye of the passers-by. Information placed on advertising signs is well read and easily remembered, increases the brand awareness and attracts new customers.

In production of facade signs we use different combinations of materials, various types of illumination and mounting technologies. Lighting boxes and volumetric letters, neon lights and halogen lamps, combination of plastic and metal are among numerous elements used in production. All these details create individual and unique style, where every sign is a small masterpiece of designer concept.

Advertising company Megapolis offers design developing, production and installation of facade signs. In short time professional designers will develop the layout of the sign paying attention to all customer desires and company activity profile. The examples of our work you can find in the section Portfolio

Portfolio  Facade signs